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So i'm a student myself.Teaching others albanian would be a really good way to use my skills on teaching.I have helped other people before learning albanian and l have worked and sometimes still work with kids.Im a writer and an obssesed reader.I mostly write poems and l'm working on my bowhich i plan on publishing.

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Hi all!  My name is Nada Radenković, ESL, EFL teacher with 18 years of experience working in a variety of schools, private, specialized, primary and grammar school in Serbia. I have worked, so far, with students on different levels, from the beginner's to advance and with different age groups, from 7 years old to adult learners. I have also taught courses for the Cambridge ESOL exams, CPE, CAE level C1,C2. I am proud to say that during those 5 years that I had taught the international certificate courses, all of my students had passed the exam with flying colors. During my career I have used various course books published by different publishing companies: Longman, Express Publishing, Klett, which my students found very inspirational. However, being an open-minded person I prepare lesson plans that inspire creativity and critical thinking with the aim of helping my students develop and grow as complete intellectuals ready to embark on ship called LIFE. I am a reliable, hard-working, responsible person, a book-lover, keen on traveling and meeting new people. I am applying for this position as I would like to start teaching online, meet people from around the Globe and get to know new cultures. In case you choose me, which I hope you will, my Skype ID is nadar70_1 . I assure you that I am a friendly person and that I will be your best possible partner in the learning process.Also,I would like to add that, though I am not a native speaker, I speak English as a native. In the end, the video link I have provided is comprised of a selection of the latest photos I have taken during some of the interesting moments from my career.

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Hello. My name is Arwin. I took up Bachelor in Political Science Major in International Relations at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I’ve been teaching English as a Second Language for five years now. When I’m not teaching, I usually spend my time with my family. We like eating out at restaurants and playing some indoor games together. I also enjoy doing home workout during my free time. In addition, I like binge-watching my favorite movies and series on Netflix. I am thrilled at the possibility of teaching enthusiastic learners. Teaching has always been my passion and the experience is truly rewarding everytime I see my students improve their English.

Virgie Anne

Virgie Anne


I am Virgie Anne B. Mones,35 yrs old. I am a liscense high school teacher. I majored in History but I have been teaching English for more than 10 yrs. I also have classroom teaching experience. I have taught Filipino high school students both English and History.I have been an ESL teacher for more than 10 yrs. I have been teaching Koreans,Japanese,Vietnamese and Chinese. I teach basic grammar, Tests subject and daily or conversational English.








I am a Arabic Native speaker from Saudi Arabia. I love meeting new people and teach Arabic :-)




I am a newly qualified TESOL teacher and looking to teach Afrikaans online. I am highly motivated and have a good command of English and Afrikaans. I enjoy people and love talking making. I have 7 years experience working with children age 4-15. Doing homework after school, researching and compiling assignments and studying for tests and exams. I love seeing how kids succeed and seeing them learn so quickly is just amazing. I am dedicated and believe that every interaction with a child will have a impression on them. It is for this reason that I am ever mindful that every interaction I have will be positive




Hello,i am Lindiwe.I live in South Africa.I am a qualified English teacher,who has taught at high schools,primary schools and special needs schools.I am passionate about education and teaching.I like being around positive progressive people,as well as learning new things.I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your English Language skills.




I have 2 years of experience teaching English, 1 in a classroom and 1 online (iTutor). I have a CELTA as well. I really love teaching students new things and seeing them progress. I also have an undergraduate and master's degree in Geography from Manchester University.




English/French teacher with TESOL Certificate. Experience with kids, teenagers and adults.